Milestone Credit Card Login: Step By Step Guide 

In today’s era, your credit score holds a vital role in your financial success. Milestone Credit Card is created for individuals struggling with a challenging credit history by Concora Credit. It helps you revive your credit score to transform your dreams into reality. A bad credit history is a block in your way to success because it might cause higher interest rates & insurance costs, difficulty getting your dream job or a loan from the bank, and financial strain. Milestone Credit Card can help you build a good credit history by clearing timely payments and establishing trust for your upcoming business partners or banks. 

You can open your account in Milestone Credit by visiting this page. In this blog, you’ll see the Milestone Credit Card login process, registration process, benefits, and what to do if you forget your password. Let’s move toward the step-by-step guide to login to your Milestone Credit Card account. 

Milestone Card Quick View

Milestone Card Overview
WebsiteMilestone Gold Card
NameMilestone Credit Card
Customer Services 1-800-305-0330
AccessEasy & 24/7 Your Account
Rewards ProgramYes, Earn 1 point for every dollar spent
Annual Fee$175 the first year; $49 thereafter, with no monthly fee
APRVariable, 24.90% – 29.90% (Based on creditworthiness)

Requirements For Logging Into The Official Portal

Who hasn’t dreamt of snagging a MyMilestoneCard? Luckily, applying online at is a piece of cake. But to score this sought-after credit card, you’ve gotta meet some basic criteria. Here’s what you need to get in:

Age18 years or older
ResidencePermanent US address
DocumentationUS ID, Social Security Number
FinancialBank account, meet income criteria
Credit HistoryNo existing credit card accounts elsewhere
ComplianceAdherence to bank directives and instructions

How To Register Yourself For Milestone Credit Card?

The registration process for a Milestone credit card is super simple. But before moving towards the process, there are a few requirements that you need to register yourself for a Milestone Credit Card. The must-haves include you should be 18 years old, having a US IP address, a physical address, and a valid SSN and you shouldn’t be a default Milestone credit card holder before. There are some other specific qualification criteria that you have to meet to register for a Milestone Credit Card / Gold Card. Here are the exact steps you need to register your credit card online: 

  • On the first page, they’ll ask you whether you have a 16-digit card number. Choose the right option for yourself. If you don’t have one, they’ll ask you for your last name, date of birth, zip code, and SSN. 
  • If you do have a card number, you’ll be asked to put the card number, date of birth, and SSN.
  • After putting the right information in the boxes, click on ‘Continue to the next step’. 

Boom, you’ve registered for your online account. Now, you can receive and pay through your online credit card without having to worry about anything. 

Step-By-Step Milestone Credit Card Login Guide

If you have recently registered the Milestone Credit Card and don’t know how to login to your Milestone account, this guide is for you. You can login to your account through the site if you prefer PC and the Milestone Credit App. Here are a few steps you have to follow to login to your account through both devices.

Through Website:

To log in to your milestone credit through pc, follow these steps. 

  1. Visit the official site here.
  1. You see ‘My Account’ in the upper right corner of the web page. Click on it.
  1. You’re directed to the next page. There you can see the login portal.
  1. Enter the correct username and password otherwise, you can’t login to your account.

Boom! You’ve logged into your account and can use your credit card now. 

Through App:

If you’d like to use the Milestone app, follow the below steps. 

  1. Go To Google PlayStore (Android) or Apple Store (iPhone).
  1. Search ‘Milestone Credit Card’.
  1. Download the app on your phone by tapping the one with the same logo as the official site. 
  1. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it. You’ll see the login page. 
  1. Add your username and password, and you’re good to go. 

How Can I Activate The Milestone Credit Card Online?

After you register your Milestone Credit Card successfully, you should activate the card online. You can do it online or by contacting the support. By activating your card online, you can process payments, set up auto payments, and perform more activities with your Milestone Credit Card. It’s highly recommended to activate your card immediately after receiving it (which typically arrives within 14 business days). The activation process is mentioned below:

Activating The Card Online: 

  1. If you want to do it through the app. Download the Milestone Credit Card app through Google Play Store or Apple Store. 
  1. After installing it on your mobile, open the app and login to your account with the correct username and password. 
  1. Select the option of ‘Activate your card’.
  1. To activate through the website, go to the login page. 
  1. After logging into your account and click the option ‘Activate your card’.

Activating Your Card Through The Phone:

  1. Call at this phone number (800) 305-0330). 
  1. Provide your SSN and follow the automated prompts to get connected with a support member who will guide you through the activation process.

Benefits Of Milestone Credit Card 

As you know, a Milestone credit card is the way to go if you’re struggling with a bad credit score. However, some features of this card provide real value to the customers. 

  • Credit Building Opportunity

This card is created for those with low credit scores so they can get a chance to revive their credit life and not miss out on growth opportunities. You can get this card at a minimum of $300.

  • No Security Deposit Needed

If you’re going through a hard phase in your life financially, the Milestone Credit Card is the best option because it doesn’t require you to deposit a specific amount for security.

  • Reports to 3 U.S. Credit Bureaus

The Milestone Credit Card reports to the 3 credit bureaus, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. It’s legit. 

What If I Forget My Login Password Or Username?

In case, if you forget your login password or username. You’ll see an option ‘Forget Password‘ on the login page. Once you click on it, you’ll receive instructions in your email. Follow the mentioned steps and you can reset your password or username. Make sure you choose a strong password to avoid any security problems. 

In Conclusion: Milestone Credit Card Login Explained

You now understand how to log in to your Milestone Credit Card login, its benefits, and more. Above all the information you need about Milestone Credit Card login, you understand the value Milestone can bring if you’re struggling with a bad credit history. Banks rule the world. If you don’t maintain your credit score for a longer period, you’ll face tremendous problems in your personal life, professional life, and in emergencies. 


Yes, it has an app to facilitate its customers to access their Milestone Credit Card from their phones. 

You must give typical information, i.e., full name, address, birth date, SSN, and other essential information. 

Yes, if you face any issue regarding your card or want to clarify any confusion, contact this number to connect with customer service (800) 305-0330).

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